Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Malbec Rosé

Rosé has a bad reputation in the U.S. as being a cheap and classless wine. In Argentina it stands tall right beside the reds and whites, and is actually quite good there. Since its mid-summer in Argentina, Rosé is a popular choice for the Argentine looking for a simple refreshing wine. Robert Wright from Line of Sight does a very nice recap of a few popular Malbec Rosés (and he gives this blog nice shout out too, thanks Robert!).

Rosé tiene una reputación mala en los EEUU como un vino barato. En Argentina es un vino respetable al lado de los tintos y los blancos y son realmente muy ricos. Robert Wright de Line of Sight hace un resumen muy bueno de los Malbec Rosé populares (y menciona mi blog también, ¡gracias Robert!).

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robert said...

No problem, Gavin. You've got a lot of great info here that isn't otherwise easily accessed online.

Malbec Rosé is soooooooooo good. I have a Tomero from Carlos Pulenta that I'm saving for a special summer occasion :) I'll be sure to post about it.